A popular and signature cultural event which celebrates and explores the journeys of local and overseas born Chinese through personal storytelling returns to Auckland on Saturday 18 and 19 August at The University of Auckland Business School.

Organised by the New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland Branch) Inc., the Bananas NZ Going Global International Conference continues to push the boundaries and offer a fresh way for all New Zealanders to examine and understand this country’s changing identity, culture and face.

Bananas NZ Going Global positions Chinese people, at home and abroad, as proud, confident and out there. The event throws a spotlight on stories from those who have overcome personal and professional challenges on the road to success,” said Kai Luey, National President of the New Zealand Chinese Association.

Affectionately known as the “Banana Conference”, this event is the third effort in the cycle. Storytelling shapes a large part of the conference experience and contributes to its success in disrupting stereotypes and challenging perceptions.

“The fact that a conference which deals, in the most part, around the topic of Chinese identity has attracted attendance and attention from a large number of non-Chinese and mainstream media is evidence of the mood and hunger people have to learn more about the lives and experiences of the Chinese.

“Other conferences talk to people’s minds. We penetrate the hearts and minds of those who attend. Stories have the power to generate intense emotional connections between people from diverse walks of life. The journeys of our speakers inspire, touch and delight. This year we are pulling out all the stops!

“The Chinese have a long association with New Zealand. This dates back to the 19th Century. Our vision is to see local and overseas Chinese communities connecting in New Zealand without barriers and borders. This event opens up new pathways and unlocks fresh conversations around that. It validates the voice of the Chinese and helps assert our place in the world as “The New Mainstream”.

Bananas NZ Going Global is a leadership initiative that communicates diversity as relevant, essential and belonging to everyone. It continues the work of the New Zealand Chinese Association to promote strength in diversity,” he added.


Bananas NZ Going Global is presented by the New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland Branch) Inc.

Principal sponsors are The University of Auckland Business School, Bananaworks Communications, The National Bank of New Zealand, Auckland City, ASB Community Trust and Asia:NZ Foundation.

DATE: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August, 2007

VENUE: The University of Auckland Business School, Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland Central

COST: $195 (individual); $250 (organizations per person); $100 (students/persons 65 years +)

REGISTRATION: Open now. Register and pay online

URL: www.goingbananas.org.nz


  • Reshaping Multiculturalism – We are all New Zealanders. Are we?
  • Poll Tax/Head Tax – local and global comparative perspectives
  • High Flying Bananas – local and global success stories
  • China Rising – Wake Up. China is here!
  • Falling Leaves Return Home – Journeys back to China
  • The New Mainstream – Chinese on the World Stage
  • New Media – Evolving Communication Spaces
  • Chinese identities through literature


Established in 1935, the New Zealand Chinese Association www.nzchinese.org.nz is the oldest Chinese organisation of its kind in New Zealand. As a national body, with 13 branches nationwide, it represents and works for the well-being of Chinese people in New Zealand. Its main objectives are:

  • To provide NZ Chinese with the means of mutual help, social interchange and recreation
  • To promote the intellectual, moral and physical well-being of Chinese in NZ
  • To unite and co-operate for cultural and educational purposes
  • To deal with matters concerning the welfare of Chinese in NZ
  • To be and remain non-political and non-religious
  • To lead New Zealand Chinese into the future



Historically, a pejorative term to describe Asian people born outside of Asia who have assumed Western cultural characteristics: yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Reclaimed in recent times, it is now an idiom that identifies those living outside of Asia who celebrate and embrace a blend of Eastern and Western cultures and influences.

For more information:

Public Enquiries: Kai Luey, 64 9 522 1840, kailuey@xtra.co.nz

Media Enquiries: Alistair Kwun, +64 27 233 8680, ak698@xtra.co.nz