9 July 2008


While many in the Chinese community support the weekend’s 10,000-strong march by Asians as an expression of concern and frustration that a visible minority with vulnerable members is apparently being targeted with impunity by criminals, the majority will deplore leader Peter Low’s reported idea of deploying vigilantes and “local Triads” to protect that community, and believe this to be an ill-considered comment that detracts from any positive outcomes of the march.

The Chinese have had a peaceable place in New Zealand for more than 130 years and while the current demographics is new, the way forward for the Chinese community is still as a full- integrated part of a multicultural New Zealand, living within the rule of law and not a separate part with exotic, extra-legal means of protection.

Our group, and many others, work towards a vision of the former and reject the latter.

Steven Young


New Zealand Chinese Association Inc