Following a spate of violence resulting in three deaths, the Asian Community marched to demand greater law and order.

NZCA position:

The 10,000 strong march in Auckland is an indication that the Asian community is very concerned at what it sees as the targeting of Asians by criminal elements.

The march is a legitimate means of communicating that concern to the wider community and the politicians.

We support the marchers in expressing their anger and frustration at the apparent targeting of a visible minority some of whose members are vulnerable.

The march is a signal that the community as a whole needs to start working to uncover the causes of these attacks and to mitigate these causes.

NZCA would like to share its long experience in living peaceably within the New Zealand community but recognises that current situation is new and will need a new approach.

NZCA supports pro-active community awareness (including not carrying cash) and training in self-defence but does not support vigilante action or any other actions outside the law.

NZCA deplores Peter Low’s reported idea of employing “local triads” to protect the community and believes this to be an ill-considered comment which detracts from any positive results of the march and ultimately is divisive.

NZCA will work towards making the Asian community an integral part of the New Zealand community working within the rule of law and not being a separate part with its own violent means of settling community conflict - an idea some new migrants must leave behind when then arrive on these shores.


July 2008