26 April, 2013

Date: 9-17 August 2013

Theme: Chinese Culture: - Continuity and Innovation

Venue: Hong Kong & Taiwan

Application deadline: 25 May 2013

Dragon100 is an international forum aimed for young ethnic Chinese people living all over the world. It is an annual event organised by the Dragon Foundation in Hong Kong, at which 100 of these ethnic Chinese leaders of tomorrow, aged 18-35 come together to discuss significant global issues and explore the economic development of Mainland China, Chinese history, culture and tradition. They must have demonstrated leadership skills, academic ability and shown a commitment to the community. The Program is intended to honor outstanding Chinese youth in different professions, to promote Chinese culture and heritage, to generate synergy among the participants from across the world through exchange so that they work together, strengthen contacts and build up networks among Chinese youth worldwide.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, please visit http://www.dragonfoundation.net/dragon_maine.htm

Note that all applications must be endorsed by a Chinese community organisation before the Dragon Foundation will assess your application.

You need to also be a financial member of NZCA Auckland Inc for us to endorse your application.

Selection for endorsement will be based on being a financial member of NZCA Auckland and your involvement within the NZCA Auckland Inc community in the past.

Please contact one of the below people to register your interest so we know to expect your application:

Richard Leung: richard@glacierinvestments.co.nz

David Wong: david_d_wong@bnz.co.nz

Applications must be received all completed by Monday 13 May 2013 to: -

NZCA Auckland Inc, P.O. Box 484, Shortland St, Auckland 1140 so that we can process these prior to sending to the Dragon Foundation.